How safety-first property inspections work

Safety is of paramount importance when inspecting a property in these times of COVID-19.

By Steve Lowe

Safety is of paramount importance when inspecting a property in these times of COVID-19.

With a moratorium on open house inspections, real estate agents are now restricted to showing only one person at a time through a home. Also, an agent may not wait on the footpath while a couple goes through the property.

As a first step, agents and property managers must confirm that a prospective buyer or tenant seeking an inspection isn’t in self-isolation or is diagnosed with COVID-19.

At the inspection, the agent should take hygiene measures to ensure the safety of not only prospective buyer or tenant, but also those who live in the home.

Provision of hand sanitiser and rubber gloves should be supplied to guard against the possibility you might touch door handles or any of the items in the home.

The agent will also ask that you don’t touch anything to ensure no coronavirus germs are left behind. As we have learned, this virus can last for hours on many surfaces, such as kitchen benchtops and door handles.

Social distancing etiquette between and agent and yourself should also be followed during the inspection.

We’ve seen smart buyers and tenants are now qualifying properties more thoroughly before agreeing to a physical inspection.

High-quality 3D walkthroughs, videos and virtual tours of properties for sale or rent are being posted on real estate sites in their hundreds every week now, making a physical inspection the last step before purchase or lease.

Agents will also conduct video tours for prospective buyers and renters, organising specialised inspection software or a hook-up on Skype, Facetime, Zoom, WhatsApp or a myriad other software platforms that allow you to make a video call.

These safety measures exist for a good reason and, as agents have found, do not impede prospective buyers and tenants from making informed decisions about their next home.


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