10 questions to ask when hiring an agent

Few decisions when selling property are more important than choosing your agent.
Few decisions when selling property are more important than choosing your agent.

They will guide you on price expectation, time on the market and the best way to market your home to maximise its value.

You want an agent who has a good knowledge of the local area, a database of potential buyers and experience in selling properties of similar style and price range to your own – but you also want an agent that you like.

Strong communication skills are the most important asset of any agent. Rapport with your agent is essential to minimise stress. They will also reassure you that your home is being presented properly to prospective buyers.

You should start the process of choosing an agent by doing some homework. Check online or in local newspapers to see who is active in your area and has strong sales listings. Speak with the top three agents who rise to the top of this process.

Interview each agent at your home and take notes to record the quality of answers that each one provides. It is best to ask each agent the same set of questions, as this will give you a consistent structure against which you can make your final decision.

Your questions should cover the following areas:

1. Experience in the area
2. Sales achieved in the past six months
3. Average time on market of sold properties
4. Key selling points of your home, and why
5. The best method of sale for your home, and why
6. Price expectation of your property and time on market
7. Approach to advertising and marketing your property; plus
8. Why they are the best agent to sell your home, and
9. Commission fee (also, make sure they are licensed and not involved in any impending legal action)
10. What is their communication strategy – how often will they contact you?


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