How can I get the best price for my property?

Together - you and your agent can ensure you get the best price for your property!
The first concern for every homeowner planning to sell his or her property is ensuring they are able to secure the best price. Projecting a fair and accurate price, one that is not too extravagant that it discourages buyers or one that is too low you lose out on your deserved profit. The ideal way to find the best price for your property is to hire an estate agent who will do the necessary calculations and help you determine the value of your property.

Together and once you have finalized a price for your property, you and your agent will work at presenting a property that will entice prospective buyers.

‘The first impression is the last impression.’

To make an impact on the potential buyers of your property, make sure to keep your property clean and organized. This does not only include dusting and mopping, but also decluttering the extra items you have in order to make your property look spacious.

Another way to raise the value of your home is by applying a fresh coat of paint on the unit. Paint will make everything look new and help the buyers see the property in a better light. Don’t overlook the yard or the garden that is outlining your property. Remove overgrown weeds and dead plants from sight. Spruce it up a bit with some new plants and flowers as well.

Fix it up
Take the time to repair the leaks and pipes in your home. If there are any broken fixtures in the kitchen or bathroom, make sure to change them before potential buyers start visiting. Replace the busted light bulbs for the environmental friendly ones. The minor renovations will make your home look better and increase your chance of getting the best asking price.

Be confident
Be confident about your property’s worth and approach each potential buyer with good reasons as to why the asking price is aligned with the value. you estate agent will and should do the same. Lack of confidence will give room for manipulation and if the buyer realises that – he or she will try to talk you into lowering the price.

Be genuine with your offer
Be honest about the property you are selling. For example, you can’t (and shouldn’t) demand a high price for a property that requires major renovation. You can however, ask for a better price if the property you are selling is in well maintained ‘immediately move-in’ condition.

Accept the outcomes
Not every visit will turn into sales.
When you are selling a property, remember that many buyers will show up at your door interested in the offer. But only a few will accept.
Many will even counteract the estimate that you give with another price – that is in their budget. It is up to you to accept their offer and reduce the price or reject it altogether. The choice is yours!

Good luck!