What questions should I ask my agent before selling my property?

How do you make sure you have selected the right Real estate agent to help you in the sale of your property? Make sure you are happy with their responses to these clear - cut questions!
Are you thinking about selling your property? Taking all things into account - selling your home or investment property is a pretty big decision and there is one thing you need to make sure you have in your favour before taking the plunge - a reputable real estate agent.

If you are new to the world of real estate and the process of selling property, the chances are you might get confused about what you need to do and what questions you need to ask to make sure the people managing your sale have your best interest at heart.

Here are a selection of questions to get you started...

How will you prepare my property for inspection?
A professional agent will always have a checklist regarding what needs to be done to ensure that your property looks the best in front of potential buyers. From the get-go, they will have ideas of how to boost the curb appeal of your property. By asking this question, you can assess their opinions and decide whether they know how to improve the odds of your property being bought.

Are you planning on opening my property privately for buyers?
Real estate agents that merely list your property on various sites and then wait for buyers to contact them might not be the best option for you. Why? Because a quality agent is one who seeks out potential clients from an array of sources, and ones who they know might have a vested interest in your property. For this, your agent must be committed enough to the task to give your property the attention it needs — this way, no potential buyer is missed, increasing the chance of a sale.

How long will it take you to put my property up on the market?
The sooner your house is listed, the quicker you will be able to find potential buyers and close the deal. Your real estate agent decides this timeline. A professional agent would be willing to go the extra mile to get your property photographed and ready for the market as soon as possible. Ask about the timeline and see whether it fits your financial needs.

How will you market my property?
Apart from listing your house, your Real estate agent needs to make sure it is marketed effectively. For this, they must have various marketing campaigns up their sleeves. Ask them for an outline of such campaigns. Take into account the count, conversion rate and duration their marketing efforts. A professional agent will always have more than one plan of action. They should also be able to explain why one method is better than the other.

What are your recent sales statistics and can I see your portfolio?
You would want an agent who is known for closing deals. There is no better metric of this than their sales records. Check out their portfolio. Look at the properties they have sold and the prices they have got. This will give you a fair idea about their expertise and track record.

Make sure you are happy with your agent’s answers to these question, and then, together, you can move forward with the successful sale of your property.