We all want that luxury home, you know like Elvis Presley’s Gracelands or those houses topping Beverly Hills. Just think, the palm tree laden streets, grand opening gates tipped with gold, long cobbled driveway with hedge-cut figures directing you towards that magnificent mansion at the end.

By Steve Lowe


Probably the height of luxury home features a helipad. Although the initial price of a helipad starts around $15 000 and often sits closer to the $20 or $30 000 mark, the cost to have the necessity for a helipad is far higher.

Primarily, you would have to be travelling in a helicopter, hence you likely need to own or rent out a helicopter regularly. A standard helicopter will cost you between $250 000 and $1 700 000. So lets average that out at $ 985 000. Hence, your helipad is going to cost you close to that $1 000 000 mark for it to be practical.

The new thing at the moment are infinity pools. With an absolutely stunning look, a pool that sends water right over the edge is truly spectacular. Take a look at any recent reno’s or any current famous properties, they will have these. Of all the features of luxury homes this is probably the most clean-cut gorgeous.

But they aren’t cheap. An infinity pool can start around $25 000, but are more often $40 000 to $70 000. However, if you truly want the mansion look with the marble sides and true size of an infinity pool you are look between $100 000 and $200 000.

Can’t you just imagine it, entering through the grand oak double doors. As they swing inwards you are met by the majesty of a grand foyer and double staircase ascending to the second floor with a ring viewing platform.

It has an almost castle-like appeal, with the grandiose nature of a double staircase being a truly breathtaking luxury piece.

A beautiful property in South Australia named ‘Chandler’ has this brilliant luxury feature among many others.

You could get one of these staircases built between $10 000 and $100 000. But if you wanted the full marble appeal and grand look we have seen it cost up to $2 000 000. Let’s balance that out at around the $200 000 – $1 000 000 mark for a decent luxury staircase

A grand outdoor pavilion is one of my most personally tempting features. A grand outdoor space covered in an island style gazebo roof with plenty of space to host people, cook food, relax in the afternoon and enjoy some genuine peace and quiet.

A small pavilion starts around the $5000 mark and will fit a couple chairs and a bbq. For a full balinese style pavilion you are looking upwards of $10 000. Including furnishings you could be looking at about that $100 000 mark. But it is so worthwhile, for the serenity and amazing capabilities of one of these.

A beautiful Surfer’s Paradise home on the Gold Coast of Queensland boasts a significant Balinese pavilion. It is absolutely gorgeous.

Smart homes are becoming the new luxury. This includes many, many automated and simplified smart home features. This could be; smart lighting, solar panelling, energy storage, automatic locks, biometric recognition, voice command systems and more. A fully featured automated home (locks, lights, voice commands, cameras etc.) will cost you around the $15 000 mark.

If you wanted to add in some of the even grander features such as solar panelling and energy storage. For a full solar panel array and energy storage you are looking around the $20 000 mark. Hence a full smart, automated, futuristic home could be decked out for around $35 000.