Look at your property through the eyes of potential buyers: is it fresh, clean, well-maintained and ready to move into? People will pay more for a property that is. There are some things you can do to make your place as attractive as possible – you can spend as little or as much as you like preparing you home for sale.
Think about kerb appeal – how attractive your property looks from the
street. Stand outside and take a good look at your property. For a few
hundred dollars and a few weekend hours of work, you can increase
your sales price by thousands. Mulch the front garden and plant shrubs
or flowers. Clean the shutters, window frames and door and give them
a fresh lick of paint. Repair and tidy any steps, railings or paths. Remove
dirt and cobwebs. Sweep the verandah, oil the timber if it’s worn and put
out a bench or a table with a few chairs. A shiny new house number is a
great finishing touch.

Think of your place as a display home – a blank canvas for curious eyes.
Remember that bold feature walls, overbearing décor and unusual
furniture may suit your own tastes but may put people off when they’re
trying to envision their own space. Aim for a neutral look. Paint your
walls a neutral tone, clear away clutter to show off bare floors and
bench tops and use fresh white bed linen.

Prospective buyers often baulk at the sight of mess or personal items.
Be ruthless: eliminate dirty dishes and clothes, chewed dog toys, bills
on the fridge, holiday photos and family keepsakes. Create an open,
uncluttered space by storing some furniture and décor elsewhere – even
if you have to rent a storage place for a couple of months. Clear out and
organise your cupboards and closets. This makes it easier for buyers to
imagine themselves moving in and living there. When a buyer makes an
emotional connection to the property and this makes it easier for you to

Paint is one of fastest, easiest and cheapest ways you can transform
your home. If any areas of your home are looking drab, grab a brush
and start painting or call in some professional help. This can add
thousands to your final sale price.

You can make fairly minor, inexpensive repairs
and cosmetic changes to your kitchen to
transform it into a warm, inviting, modern space.
Paint tired, old-fashioned cabinets white or a
light neutral colour. Update the handles and
knobs. Replace the taps with a simple clean
set. Paint or replace splashbacks. Re-grout tiles.
Scrub every centimeter of the kitchen – even the
ceiling. Dress the benchtops with a bright bowl
of fruit or flowers.

No prospective buyer will forgive a dirty
bathroom. Scrub every surface. Whiten old tile
grout with a grouting pen. Paint walls a white
or neutral shade. Repair or replace old taps,
handles and towel rails. Display clean rolled up
towels. Use a fragrant candle, small vase
of fresh flowers or French soap for a
sophisticated look.

To make your home seem bright and spacious,
bring in natural light wherever you can. Clean
and open blinds and curtains. Trim any greenery
that’s blocking your windows and wash windows
from both sides. Replace heavy drapes with
lighter ones. Put up mirrors to reflect light into
darker areas.
Rooms seem brighter and more welcoming
with lamplight, but avoid dimness by choosing
100-watt globes at least. But don’t turn on every
light in your house – think about what makes
the space bright and welcoming without being
overly harsh.

Often we’re so used to the smells of smoke,
food or pets in our own place that we don’t
notice them. Prospective buyers can turn their
noses up at your place if they’re confronted
by odours. Ask a friend or family member to
step into your home and give you their honest
opinion. Thoroughly air it out. Clean all your soft
furnishings. Vacuum all pet hair and take your
pets away when you have an open home. Put
out fresh coffee, flowers or scented candles.

Australians often see an outdoor space as
another room. Pay attention to your garden. Fix
fences. Hose down paths and pavers. Remove
the old clothesline and any rubbish. Oil decks
and outdoor furniture. Plant some new plants.
Add mulch or soil to garden beds and pots so
they look full and appealing.


| Agent Team Belconnen