Agent Team COVID-19 updates are as follows:

By Jade Ross

During these uncertain times, Agent Team Belconnen is doing everything we can to keep the doors open for all of our clients. Our Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, has announced that all auctions and open houses will be shut down. Agent Team would like to inform all of our clients that it's business as 'unusual,' we have prepared ourselves over the last weeks for this ban and would like to let everybody know that we will still be doing PRIVATE inspections. We have created a system called 'Bookability' for agencies to use to allow clients to book times that suits them for inspections, calls & meetings.

The services our clients are paying for are still proceeding, we will still be holding VIRTUAL routine inspections and VIRTUAL private inspections in lieu of attending the property using a website called 'Zoom.' Using Bookability, you are able to book a time that suits you and the agent. We will be keeping these videos in our system to keep digital evidence of the attendance and maintenance happening as if we would if we were there. In saying that, the Government has said that we are able to hold appointments ONE-ON-ONE so when booking your appointments, please advise us of your preference of digital or one-on-one. Our property manager will be keeping all promises made and continue to do everything we pride ourselves on.

Business for us WILL continue. We will be holding virtual inspections and appraisals, we will provide online document signing, and we are also offering risk-free marketing if, due to the virus, we cannot sell your property we will cover the cost until the property does sell once this time has passed. Agencies are under strict instructions that all future events are for individuals and BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, using Bookability, you are able to book a time that suits you and the agent.