Top 6 traits of a great agent

If you’re making a list of the attributes you want from your next real estate agent, consider this recent research from CoreLogic.

By Steve Lowe

If you’re making a list of the attributes you want from your next real estate agent, consider this recent research from CoreLogic.

CoreLogic surveyed sellers to find the most valuable skills and behavioural traits in top performing agents. They found that while the gender of your agent made no discernible difference to the final outcome, female agents polled best in a number of activities, including diligence in preparing a property for sale, stronger negotiation and closing skills; and more detailed and regular feedback to the vendor.

Respondents to the survey demonstrated a propensity to choose experienced agents. Only 13 per cent said they’d used those with fewer than five years in the industry.

However, the data showed that less experienced agents were more likely to have achieved prices above the seller’s expectation.

Obviously, then, it doesn’t pay to be too fixated on particular criteria, but the survey found a set of consistent traits that were displayed by the top performing agents. These were:

1. Honesty – A great agent will be open and honest in response to your expectations of price, and the time on market for your property.

2. Trusted adviser – They’ll suggest pre-sale improvements to the property that will have a positive impact on the price to be achieved. They’ll also share feedback of prospective buyers and offer context for any necessary response.

3. Professionalism – They are clear, concise and regular communicators. They possess strong negotiation skills and have the ability to pre-empt buyer needs and fears. Empathy for the seller’s anxiety is foremost in how their approach. They make sure you know they are on your side, and not simply trying to make a quick sale for a commission cheque.

4. Skilful marketer – Good agents know how to market a property. They understand the power of great photography and the appropriate investment in advertising required to get a sale at a desirable price and in a reasonable timeframe.

5. Thoughtful – They are attentive to the needs of buyers, even to the extent of providing water for those traipsing around “open for inspection” homes on hot Saturday mornings. And they’ll apply this thoughtfulness to you as their vendor – thinking of ways they can show you they are genuinely invested in getting you the result you want.

6. After-sales care – Great agents stay in touch and make sure you were satisfied with the outcome of the campaign and how it was conducted.