Here’s how the different tools in your marketing mix can help you attract prospective buyers...
Professional photography is essential to make your property look as attractive as possible. Make sure your place is clean and tidy, the garden is manicured and there are fresh flowers in vases. Schedule your photos for a sunny day at a time when the natural light in your home is most flattering.

A fully furnished home always sells better than a vacant home. If your furniture is looking old and tired, it may be a good idea to get the property styled by a professional. They will supply and install modern furniture, décor and accessories to suit your house and show it at its best. The furniture is rented for a specified period. This will really help buyers see the potential of your property and picture the kind of life they could have there.

Prospective buyers will typically see your property on their phone, tablet or computer before they see it in real life. Your agent must make the most of your property’s virtual display. Sites like, and allow your agent to upload video tours, display professional photos and floor plans and describe key features. They also let you track how many people have viewed
the listing. Your agent will likely link back to these sites from their own website, where your property will be displayed in greater detail. Social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are free to use and popular with agents for reaching a wider audience.

Online sites are prospective buyers’ first ports of call, but many people still like to browse properties listed in a magazine or newspaper. It’s worth considering having this in your marketing mix, especially if it suits the age, lifestyle and location of your most likely future buyers. Letterbox drops can also be worth doing since printed flyers can capture the attention of local renters or current homeowners who want to buy.

A professional sign outside your property will let people know it’s on the market and pique their interest. Your agent’s chosen sign will usually display interior photos, state the basic features such as how many bedrooms there are, list the open times and show the agent’s contact details. It should be placed where it’ll have maximum visibility without being obstructed by bins or trees.


| Agent Team Belconnen