There are many different components to consider that impact the price of a home...

Where is your home?
There are many questions potential buyers will be asking when
they inspect your property, such as:
– Is it in a popular neighbourhood?
– What is the street like?
– What is the local school like?
– Are there green spaces?
– How easy is it to access public transport, bike paths, shops,
popular cafés and commute to major employment centres?


What state is your home in?
Highlight the best features of your home – think about what will draw
buyers in and what will make them want to pay for (and live in!) this
house in particular. Think about how to make the most of what you’ve got,
whether it’s heritage, modern, well-maintained, in need of some attention,
updated with new appliances or on a block with a large backyard.


How much have similar homes sold for?
We all love to think our home has that extra special something that will
make buyers want to pay top dollar the first time they see it – but it’s
important to seek an objective opinion. Don’t let your emotions cloud
your judgement – call Agent Team for an obligation-free appraisal.
Real estate agents have sold hundreds of properties in your
neighbourhood and engage with buyers every day – they’ll be able to
set realistic expectations for you. They’ll base their appraisal on recent
sales in your area by analysing their own figures and their competition’s
too. By comparing data from properties that are similar in size, location,
condition, features and appeal, they can advise you on the right price for
your place.


| Agent Team Belconnen