Loren Blundell

Property Manager


When it comes to putting your property in the hands of an experienced agent, Loren is your go-to property manager. With a strong background in administration and banking, Loren keeps every detail ticking along so you can be confident all is under control.
When you meet Loren, her charm and passion for what she does shines through. She’s a country girl in a city dress, surrounded by spreadsheets, with a willingness to call a spade a spade.
She’ll take the time to get to know your property, your standards and required rental income. From there, Loren does her research. She knows the local rental market and understands how to find suitable tenants.
More than a check-a-box process – which you can find from any other property manager – you’ll find reliability and genuine attention to detail with Loren. She has an astringent and detailed vetting process for tenants, which she compares to a home loan application. That’s because experience has taught her that securing the right tenant will save everyone stress in the long run.
A big believer in trusting her intuition and finding a fair solution for all parties, Loren is dependable and a delight to deal with.
When not managing properties and meeting with prospective tenants, Loren is busy being a footy mum to two boys and showing them who’s boss on the golf course.
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Mobile: 0437 001 301
Phone: 1800261517
Email: lorenblundell@agentteam.com.au

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